Videos of Philly shows from 2009 and 2012 by Bryan Kirkwood.

Italy, 2008 - youtube

Excessive Crowd Surfing
Pawtucket, April 28, 2007
Video shot by Mike Guadagni

Live show - Halloween 2003, Pink Rabbit, Providence
Video shot by Mike Guadagni

Halloween 1 (7 meg video)
Halloween 2 (9 meg video)
Halloween 3 (4.5 meg video)
Halloween Encore (61 meg video)

Halloween 1
Halloween 2
Halloween 3
Halloween 4
Halloween 5
Halloween 6

Live show - May 23 2005, South Philly Athenaeum (RIP)
Recorded by Chris Rabbit

Captain Caveman

Terrastock 2006 - Providence
Recorded by Chris Rabbit

Random Jam
Dead Cowboy

More Terrastock audio, lower quality at: Red Nail Music

Mass Art, 2005 live video by Ketchabrick Productions

The Monster's Choice video by E. Casey Leydon

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